Welcome to the H&S Distributor Portal

H&S Distributors,

The H&S Distributor Portal allows you to access the most current H&S information. Following is what is included under the following “TABS”.

  • Pricing: A Wholegoods Price Guide with List Prices is included in this PDF document.
  • Media:  ADS – Tab contains various ads that can be used for promoting H&S products.
  • Media: EQUIPMENT PICTURES – Tab contains a variety of pictures for promotion of H&S products.
  • Media: RADIO – Tab contains variety of radio ads for promotion of H&S products.
  • Media: VIDEOS – Tab contains Sales, Service, and Installation videos.
  • Bulletins: PARTS – Tab includes updates on pricing, programs, etc.
  • Bulletins: PRODUCT PRICE & INFORMATION – Tab includes price updates on products, introduction of new products, or updates on current products.
  • Bulletins: PRODUCT INFORMATION – Tab includes Product Comparisons & information not included in a Price Update Bulletin.
  • Bulletins: PARTS – Tab includes bulletins related to Parts.
  • Bulletins: SERVICE – Tab includes bulletins on product service items & Service Training.
  • Bulletins: SURCHARGES/POLICIES/MISC. INFO – Tab includes fuel surcharge bulletins and miscellaneous notices.
  • Online Ordering: PARTS SEARCH – Search by part number or name, review details, and add a part quantity to your cart.
  • Online Ordering: QUICK ORDER FORM – A streamlined way to add a part to your cart by part number and quantity.
  • Online Ordering: MY ACCOUNT – Review orders and make changes to your account details including addresses and password.

We are continuing to add Parts Books to the H&S website for you to utilize. You can request a Parts Book at any time by going to the menu bar on the Home page, clicking on “Request a Manual” and filling out the form. A manual will be sent to you shortly after your request. Parts book PDFs are also available on the public website under the Manuals menu.

Please contact the H&S Marketing Department with any questions on the H&S Portal at 715-387-3414 or Marketing@hsmfgco.com.

Thank you!