TD1236 - 36' Top Dog Semi-TrailerForage Box

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  • Full-Length Frame
  • Heavy-Duty Dual Drive Gearboxes
  • PL88C Open Barrel Main Apron Chain
  • 16-Gauge Stainless Steel Sides


  • The main frame is made of high-quality formed steel 10″ I-beams for the rear and continuing full length at 5″ under the 5th wheel area.
  • New 25,000# spring axles w/heavy-duty spindles are standard.
  • 16-gauge stainless steel sides
  • The PL88C open barrel main apron pintle chain at 29,900# per strand stays flexible.
  • 2″ x 1″ x 3/16″ formed apron channels are used for the apron cross bars.
  • The floor is ½″ thick virgin grade solid poly.
  • The TOP DOG features 1″ steel lines to the dual hydraulic motors at the rear of the box.
  • The dual hydraulic motors evenly drive the dual gear case drive system for more power and less shaft stress than a single motor system.
  • The driveshaft features MD nylon reversible-style bearings.
  • Panels above the front & rear wheels act as a chain slide for the main apron and protect mud and debris from getting to the apron chain.
  • 3 large front windows for viewing when unloading
  • The idler apron shaft assembly features 6-tooth machined steel sprockets with bronze idler bushings.
  • Adjustable spring-loaded tighteners on the front main apron idler shafts maintain tension on the apron during start up and operation.
  • Choice of a top pivot door with gate delay system and door locks or barn doors with air closure and door locks.
  • LED lighting is standard equipment
  • Customer farm name – NO CHARGE!


Capacity Cu. Ft. Struck Level2,0452,275
Box Weight18,240 lbs.20,270 lbs.
Inside Length36′40′
Inside Width98″98″
Inside Height86″86″
Overall Length37′ 7″41′ 7″
Overall Width102″102″
Overall Height Including Tailgate13′13′
Side Height142.5″142.5″
Drive SystemDual Hydraulic MotorsDual Hydraulic Motors
Final Drive SystemDual Gear Case Drive SystemDual Gear Case Drive System
Main Apron Chain & SlatsPL88C Open Barrel Pintle 2″ x 1″ x 3/16″ Formed Apron ChannelsPL88C Open Barrel Pintle 2″ x 1″ x 3/16″ Formed Apron Channels
Rear Drive Shaft2¼″ 1045 Steel2¼″ 1045 Steel
Unload TimeDependent on Tractor/Truck Hydraulic System & GPMsDependent on Tractor/Truck Hydraulic System & GPMs
Front Idler Shaft1¾″ 1045 Steel1¾″ 1045 Steel
Uprights2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ Tubular Steel Set on 16″ Centers2″ x 2″ x 3/16″ Tubular Steel Set on 16″ Centers
Wall MaterialStainless SteelStainless Steel
Floor MaterialVirgin Grade PolyVirgin Grade Poly
Air Gate Delay SystemStandardStandard
Rear Door LatchingAutomaticAutomatic
Front Viewing Windows33
Customer Farm NameStandardStandard
AxlesNew 25,000# Axles with Heavy-Duty SpindlesNew 25,000# Axles with Heavy-Duty Spindles
Suspension SystemSpringSpring
Rear Door(s) w/Auto Lock/UnlockTop Pivot Door w/Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Gate Delay or Barn Doors w/Air Closure (Truck Mount)Top Pivot Door w/Dual Cylinder Hydraulic Gate Delay or Barn Doors w/Air Closure (Truck Mount)


  • Reverse Apron System

  • Electric Actuator Control for Flip Down Front

  • Roof Hood

  • Top Pivot Door Seal Kit

  • Electric Drive Flip Tarp

  • Electric Side-to-Side Tarp

  • Air Suspension in lieu of Spring Suspension

  • Screen Filler Kit for One Side




David L., | Marathon, WI

"They work really well. We were using trucks in the field and then we had a really wet summer, so we needed something to haul the sileage. The trucks can stay on the hard surface, and the tractors can do the field work. Our efficiency has gone up about 15-20%."

Ben Wohlgemuth | New Brunswick

"H&S has provided the best quality products over the years for me. From Load Kings to 7+4, they have met the challenge. H&S has been a great part to the local community, from job training to 4-H and FFA."

William Litzer | Marathon, WI

"“We just want to say thanks for making our life easier. One of our rakes is seventeen years old and performs as great as our other three newer ones.”"

Bethers Farm | Torrington, WY

"H&S Top Shot is a good quality spreader."

Jacob Roskopf | Edgar, WI

"H&S forage wagons are made of great quality and with pride."

Derek Grossman | Pittsville, WI

"H&S forage boxes are well built and easy to operate."

Garrett Keem

"My H&S wrapper and manure spreader are both built very well."

Daniel Thies | Westby, WI

"This was the first product from H&S that we purchased for our operation. We bought our 310 Manure Spreader back in 2000 and have used it almost weekly in the winter months. The durability of their equipment has made a lasting impression on our farm. We are very pleased with the H&S brand."

Iden Farms | Newark, OH

"Our H&S 430 manure spreader – Had it for 8 years now and love it! Great product!"

Jordan Miller | Thomas, Oklahoma

"“H&S 425 manure spreader, largest spreader on the farm, is very useful for our 400-cow dairy operation!"

Mackey Wright

"Switching to H&S rear unload wagons more than doubled our daily production over front unload wagons. Their simplicity and ease of maintenance as well was a big deal! Highly recommend these wagons to anyone putting up forage. These wagons will be here to stay!! Great product."

Austin Moe

"Our 5 H&S chopper boxes have always treated us well and never skip a beat. Our H&S forage blower, 310 H&S manure spreader, and H&S Hay Tedder have all treated us well."

Steven Salzmann | Marshfield, WI

"Great spreader and some nice upgrades from the Gehl patent!"

Jacob Roskopf | Edgar, WI

"One of 3 we own. Best wagons we have run."

Clint van Hatten | Barneveld, NY

"“Bought new in 2017 and has been a great investment.”"

Mike Gruneweld | Caroline, WI

"The H&S 6128 merger is so simple to use. It was a charm last year."

Erik Monjaraz | Zumbrota, MN

"My farm has been using H&S rakes for about ten years. Ever since we switched to H&S, we have had hardly any breakdowns. They are durable and made out of strong material. Overall, H&S is the nicest and best company to work with."

Maddox Coffman

"We bought this spreader new in July of 2011. It spreads 2 loads of manure every day. It has been our best spreader we have ever had."

Carter Allen | Smock, PA

" “Simple and easy to operate.”"

Bruce Dobmeier | Freeport, MN

"We love our H&S live bottom Wide Body’s. They are a game changer when it comes to hauling crops."

Lynsey McKeen | Albion, ME

"I own a custom chopping business and ten years ago the first wagon that I started out with was an H&S 16ft combo box. It was used, but I’ve continued to use it every year since. Throughout the years I’ve purchased two more used ones and one brand-new Wide Body! They are reliable, easy to"

Jake Walz | Glen Haven, WI

"If you are looking for a simple merger that makes clean, uniform rows, then the 6128 Twin-Flex Merger is the way to go. With minimal electronics it is super easy to run, and you can put a 100 HP tractor on it with no issues. We have been well-served by H&S equipment for many years."

Tyler Day | Arcade, NY

"We are a third-generation farm. Custom chopping and trucking is a large part of our operation. We also manage a large local dairy farm as well as milk two herds at two locations at our own farm. H&S equipment has been a longtime asset to our business. Our trucking end of our operation is constantly"

John Stevenson | Wayland, NY

"Ran across a couple thousand acres in 2020 with my H&S 7116. It’s the best rake I’ve ever baled behind. Every time I use it, I’m impressed ­– Windrows are smooth and clear of dirt, and it doesn’t leave anything behind when raking large heavy windrows for baleage. Absolutely love it!"

Michael Zimmerman | Markesan, WI

"“I started a bale wrapping business five years ago when I bought my first H&S wrapper. Since then, I have purchased a second bale wrapper and wouldn’t go with any other brands! Very easy to run!”"

Eric Otte | Randolph, MN

"When H&S came out with the right-hand discharge, that’s what switched us to H&S for this size spreader because with right-hand discharge, all your controls are on the right side. I really like this spreader. I’ve had this one three years, it’s got over 12 million gallons through it. It holds up really well."

Kelly Reinart | Granton, WI

"This is my third rake I’ve had, and it does a lot better job and you can go faster."

Duane Wanta | Eland, WI

"My grandpa’s had H&S equipment and my dad has, and it’s proven itself throughout the years. Yes, we had some other brands in between there, but we’ve always gone back to the H&S because it just seems like they’re more durable and hold up a lot better."

John Swenson, Marshfield, WI

"You guys know as well as I do in the wintertime, when it’s real cold, that takes a lot of stress on this thing.  I’ve got to use it every day in the wintertime, cold or not.  It’s reliable and I got good service where I bought it from, so it works."

Dennis Hemmersbach | Norwalk, WI

"We bought one 425 back in 2006. It was a really good spreader and we liked it so much that we decided to go back with another one. They’re easy to use, there’s not a lot of moving parts, it’s low-maintenance. Winters in Wisconsin get cold, and they don’t freeze up."

Victor Goettl | Chippewa Falls, WI