9215 HI-Dump Box

“High Capacity” and “Gentle Handling” come together in one efficient package in the recently introduced H&S 9215 HI-Dump Box. Rugged construction and variable dumping height allows the 9215 to gently transfer up to 40,000 lbs. of product into a receiving vehicle at any height from 10’ to 15’ – all in one minute or less so you can keep the harvest moving. Two massive 86” (pin-to-pin) master/slave hydraulic lift cylinders not only permit topping off a truckload with a partial dump, but eliminate augering and reduce bruising or cracking when harvesting seed corn, sweet corn, dry edible beans, sugar beets, vegetables, peanuts and silage. When speed and economy are paramount to an efficient harvest, look no further than the NEW H&S 9215 HI-Dump Box.